Stavropol, Lenin street, 431
Mon-Fri 730 - 1630 / Sat, Sun - closed
Break 1130 - 1230 (GMT+3)

Optron-Stavropol plant resumed production of avalanche diodes


Optron-Stavropol plant resumed the production of avalanche diodes (DL112-10-12, DL112-10X-12, DL122-25-12, DL122-25X-12, DL122-40-12, DL122-40X-12, DL132-50 -12, DL132-50H-12, DL132-80-12, DL132-80H-12, DL212-10-12, DL212-10H-12, DL222-25-12, DL222-25H-12, DL222-40-12 , DL222-40H-12, DL232-50-12, DL232-50H-12, DL132-80-12, DL132-80H-12) voltage up to 1700 V and current up to 80 A for welding units, powerful galvanic installations, stand-alone sources current with a constant value for solenoids and magnets, industrial-type power generating units, as well as analog devices used in vehicles of various designs.

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